The Gaming Blues

So…here’s the funny thing. I’ve got a group back in 1999 and things are ok the first part of the year, but it starts to lag around summer. I’m bored and it looks like things are pretty much tapped out as far as games and ideas and whatnot so I just stop showing up. A few months later I talk to one of the gamers at work over the phone, but I don’t get back. A month or so after that my wife and I move out of state.

A few years go by and I manage two game sessions with a work friend before that falls apart. Maybe a year later two guys contact me and we have one game session before it’s totally apparent as to why the gamers they badmouth during this session don’t want to game with them. So, that’s the first and only session I have with them.

My son is born in 2003 and he’s a little kid when I start gaming with another guy who’s been discharged from the Army due to injury. He’s got a girlfriend and she comes over once too. I guess it starts to get serious because after several sessions he stops coming. A year later I start to Skype with my friend Matt.

That goes ok until about November 2011 when I’ve had enough of his not showing up on regular game nights. Always an excuse!

Anyway, so that’s the funny thing I mentioned at the start. Here I am, a gamer with a wife who is ok with letting me game and even encourages it…but I have no one to game with! And yet there are zillions of guys out there with their wives and girlfriends who ARE gaming but getting into fights over it because the wife/girlfriend wants the guy to have nothing to do with gaming!

I avoid gaming websites and forums because I don’t need that longing desire only to know that it’s not going to happen. It’s great to motivate me to get stuff cleaned up and organized, but when no one is there…well, it’s depressing.

So…that’s where I am, where I have been for the past 13 years. It’s never helped that for some reason there never seems to be too many people of my own age around anywhere I go or am. As a kid the only other kids were either years younger or older than I was.

Anyway, I’m not giving up gaming. I have this blog of which I can write anything I want and my forums as well, which I can do what I wish with. But it is lonely…waiting.